One Feeds Two aims to create a new ethical standard within the food industry – bringing together food companies, feeding charities and consumers to give nutritious school meals to children living in some of the poorest places on earth. The brand needed mass-market appeal to work as both a credible commercial partner and an easy but impactful choice for consumers. The ultimate vision? To create a movement that could create a long-term answer to global poverty through a focus on child hunger.

To reinvent the way people think about charity – and relate to it on a day-to-day basis – we needed to subvert the conventions of a congested, conservative sector. Rather than tugging on people’s heartstrings or making them feel guilty, we designed the brand to make consumers feel good about their choice: by connecting the process of buying food with the impact of providing food. To signal this at the point of purchase, we created a clear symbol of quality that would stand out on partners’ packaging. It’s a bold, simple brand that is set to make people think – and act – differently.


Studio —
The Clearing


Role —
Design Director